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Active Live Chat Groups

Departments are broken into divisions called groups. For example, a support department may have level 1 support (less experienced support agents), level 2 support (more experienced support agents), and support management groups. Each group may have different permissions assigned to it, giving organizations the ability to assign agents within a single department varying access to information.

In addition, each agent within the group has a status of active or inactive. Active status indicates that the agent can be assigned tickets and/or live chats. An agent with an inactive status cannot be assigned tickets and/or live chats. Managers can view and edit the status of agents within each group from the Active Live Chat Groups area of the live chats section of the management interface.

The Active Live Chats Groups page gives managers the ability to view the following information:

  • A list of all agents
  • The status of each agent
  • The number of active live chats assigned to each agent
  • The number of active live chat groups
  • The total number of live chat groups that the agent belongs to

To access this information, click the live chat icon, then click Active Live Chat Groups in the navigation pane.

To change the status of an agent, select the agent and click Edit in the content pane toolbar or double-click a specific agent.