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Live Chat Overview

SmarterTrack's live chat feature gives businesses the ability to reduce phone calls, improve customer support and assist more customers concurrently. (E.g., via live chat, tickets and phone calls). Customers can initiate live chats via the portal or directly from your website using customized live chat links. As agents receive live chat requests, SmarterTrack suggests solutions from relevant knowledge base articles and ticket resolutions, thereby reducing research time and improving overall response times. To access your live chats, log into SmarterTrack as an agent and click the live chat icon. Depending on the role you are assigned, an agent may only see My Active and My Completed, which shows all live chats that are, or were, assigned to them. Managers and Administrators have the ability to see all live chats across multiple Departments, based on their permission level.

On the user's end, as they initiate the live chat process, after their initial questions is submitted they are presented with an intermediary page that lists a number of suggested solutions from relevant knowledge base articles within SmarterTrack. This can help keep support functions streamlined and concentrated by allowing the customer to see potential resolutions to their issues before the chat is submitted to an agent.

SmarterTrack live chat

For more detail on the live chat interface, see the View Chat section of help.

Navigating SmarterTrack's Live Chat Interface

Agent Live Chats vs. Global Live Chats

The Live Chats section organizes all of the live chats for which an agent is responsible. When an agent accesses the live chat area by clicking on it in the navigation pane, all active live chats for the agent will load in My Active. Agents can also view any inactive chats that they have previously had with end users by selecting My Completed.

In addition, the Live Chats section organizes chats by group. That means that every group the agent is active in will be listed and the agent can drill down into each group to see their active and inactive chats.

Administrators and managers who are members of multiple groups may want to view active and/or inactive live chats for those groups to better evaluate the actual needs of the organization or to gain valuable insight into company operations. To view all live chats in SmarterTrack, an agent, manager or administrator MUST be a member of all groups within SmarterTrack. At the very least, they need to be members of multiple groups in order to see live chats for those groups. Once this is done, they simply click Global Live Chats in the navigation pane.

Regardless of whether you're accessing your own live chats or global live chats, all active and inactive chats in the system will load in the content pane when you open the respective live chat section. In general, the following columns will be available, though you can modify which columns appear, as well as the column widths, as needed, using the View menu:

  • Checkbox - Use these boxes to select multiple chats. Live chats must be selected before choosing an action from any toolbar.
  • Status - The current status of the live chat and whether a follow-up was scheduled or not.
  • User - The name the customer would like to be called during the chat.
  • Group - The group to which the live chat was assigned.
  • Started - The date and time the chat originally started.
  • Queue Time - The amount of time the live chat was in the queue before it was taken by, or assigned to, and agent.
  • Idle - The amount of time that passed since an agent sent a message within the chat. Note: Idle time does not reset when a customer sends a message.
  • Messages - The number of messages within the chat.
  • Agent - The name of the agent assigned to the chat.


Clicking on any column header allows you to sort that column in either ascending or descending order. Final sort order uses the chat's idle time as the deciding factor. For example, 3 chats from the same customer will sort from least idle to most idle, or vice versa, when sorting the User column in either ascending or descending order.

Performing Live Chat Actions

In general, the following options are available from the content pane toolbar:

  • Actions - Click this button and select the appropriate option to select all chats, pull a live chat from the queue or transfer a live chat. Setting options such as Status, Follow-up and Idle Time will display as icons in the Status column of the content pane. Each icon will have a color assigned based on the severity level of the setting. Generally, colors denote the following:
  • Grey - No idle time issues.
  • Green - Active status or normal idle.
  • Yellow - Idle warning.
  • Red - Closed/inactive status, high idle warning.
  • Select All - Selects all chats within the content pane.
  • Transfer - Transfers the selected chat(s) to another group or agent. For more information on transferring a live chat, see Transferring Live Chats.
  • View - Click this button and select Visible Fields.
  • Visible Fields - This option allows you to choose which columns are displayed in the navigation pane. You are also able to set the column widths for each item that displays, allowing you to conform your content pane to fit any standard screen resolution. Each column has a default width specified, but these defaults can be modified as needed.
  • Delete - Click this button to delete the selected live chat(s). For more information on deleted chats, see Deleting Live Chats.