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Searching News Items

There are two methods an agent can use to search for a specific news item: basic search or advanced search.

Basic Search

To perform a basic search, type the search criteria in the search bar located near the top of the content pane. Then click the magnifying glass or press Enter on your keyboard. SmarterTrack will automatically search the news section you are viewing (i.e. a specific brand, status, etc.) for matches and display the results in the content pane.

Advanced Search

Employees can set more specific search parameters by using the advanced search function to search for an article. To perform an advanced search, click the news icon. Then click Advanced Search in the navigation pane.

Advanced searches use the "and" modifier for combining phrases and fields to construct the search. Search results are displayed based on the overall weight of the results returned.

The following fields are available:

  • Search String - Type the specific keywords to be queried.
  • Brand Name - To search by brand, select the appropriate brand from the list.
  • Flags - To search by flag (drafts, flagged, etc.), select the appropriate flag from the list.
  • Date Range - To search by a date range during which news was published, enter the start and end dates in these fields or click the calendars and select the appropriate dates.
  • Max Results - To specify the maximum number of search results displayed, select the appropriate number of results from the list.