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Survey Results

To access survey reports, click the reports icon. Then expand the Summary Reports and Survey Reports folders. The ability to see Survey Results > By Brand, By Agent and By Survey lists are determined by the agent or manager's role permission for Surveys. If Surveys are set to Full Control or Custom > View Summary, the agent or manager will see the survey results. All other survey reports, including Conversion rate (summary and trend), performance (summary and trend) and Answers are determined by the Reports role permission.

The following survey reports are available:

  • Conversion Rate - Shows the number of surveys completed by customers compared to the number of surveys offered by agents during a set time period.
  • Performance - Shows the average rating of each survey.
  • Answers - Shows the aggregate number of times a specific question was answered, given the question type. For example, a question with a valued range of answers (e.g., 1 - 10, 1 being good, 10 being amazing) show each answer and the number of times that answer was give. For short answer questions, each is listed separately with the answer given.

Depending on the report selected, the following report items are available:

  • Average Rating - The average overall score that the survey received.
  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of surveys offered that were completed by customers.
  • Survey Name - The name of the survey offered.
  • Surveys Answered - The number of surveys completed by customers.
  • Surveys Offered - The number of surveys offered to customers.