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News Trend Reports

To access news reports, click the reports icon. Then expand the Trend Reports and News Reports folders. The following news reports are available. Note: For information on the options available for each report listed, see the Reports Overview.

NOTE: Certain items may appear differently, based how items are grouped using the Group By dropdown. For example, The Live Chat Cost Breakdown summary report may show 0 Incoming Live Chat Transfers while the trend report shows a number greater than 0. This is generally due to having the Group By set to Group view versus the Agent view. Live chat transfers only happen between Agents, not Groups.

  • Contribution Trend - Shows the number of news items created, edited, reviewed, flagged, or deleted over time.
  • Popularity Trend - Shows the most viewed news items by hits and visitors over time.

Depending on the report selected, the following report items are available:

  • News Added - The number of news items added to the system.
  • News Deleted - The number of news items deleted from the system.
  • News Edited - The number of news items edited in the system.
  • News Flagged - The number of news items flagged for review in the system.
  • News Reviewed - The number of distinct news items reviewed by agents.
  • Visitors - The number of unique portal visitors that viewed a particular news item.