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Transferring Tasks

On occasion, an agent may need to transfer a task to another agent or group. There are various reasons why a task may be transferred. For example, an agent that is leaving for vacation may need to transfer tasks to another agent to ensure they are completed while he is out of the office. As another example, if an agent finds his workload is too heavy, he may transfer a task to another agent to rebalance his workload. Note: The ability to transfer tasks is determined by the role permissions. By default, agents can transfer tasks. For more information, see Roles.

To transfer a task, select the task in the content pane, then use the Actions (…) menu in the content pane toolbar and select Transfer from the dropdown. This will open a pop-up window with the following fields:

  • New Agent - Select the new agent who will be taking the task. (NOTE: Tasks need to be assigned to specific agents, so there is no "auto-assign" option when transferring tasks.)
  • New Status - Select the new status for the task, which is applied after the ticket is transferred.

Click OK to transfer the task.

Alternatively, agents can transfer tasks by viewing the individual task and selecting a new agent from the Agent dropdown. When the change is saved, the task will be assigned to the new agent.