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Transferring Tickets

On occasion, an agent may need to transfer a ticket to another agent or group. There are various reasons why a ticket may be transferred. For example, a level 1 tech support agent may need to escalate the ticket to a more experienced level 2 agent for resolution. Another example is an incorrectly categorized ticket, such as a support ticket that was incorrectly submitted as a sales ticket may need to be rerouted to the correct department. Note: The ability to transfer tickets is determined by the role permissions. By default, agents can transfer tickets. For more information, see Roles.

To transfer a ticket, select the ticket and click the Actions menu in the content pane toolbar and click Transfer. Alternatively, you can click Transfer in the preview pane toolbar if you are viewing the ticket in the preview pane. This will open a pop-up window with the following fields:

  • Instance - Select the SmarterTrack installation to which the ticket should transfer from the list. Note: This field is only available if the administrator has enabled cross-installation ticket transferring in Connected Services.
  • New Brand - The primary brand the ticket should be transferred to.
  • New Group - Select the group to which the ticket should transfer from the list.
  • New Agent - Select the agent to which the ticket should transfer from the list. If the ticket does not need to transfer to a specific agent, choose the auto-assign option and the ticket will be assigned to an agent within the specified group based on the distribution method set by the administrator.
  • New Priority - Select the priority of the ticket. Generally, an agent will not change the ticket priority.
  • New Status - Select the status of the ticket. Generally, an agent will want to mark a transferred ticket as active.
  • Pin Ticket - Check this box to pin the ticket to the agent receiving the ticket. For more information on pinning tickets, see Tickets Overview.
  • Transfer Comment - Type any important information or comments regarding the transfer into this field. Generally, transfer notes describe actions taken and/or the reason the ticket was transferred.

Click OK to transfer the ticket. Note: When a ticket is transferred, idle time is not reset for the new agent. However, agent response time IS reset. Therefore, the new agent's initial response time if calculated based off of when they received the transfer.