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Chatting with Who's On Visitors

SmarterTrack's Who's On feature gives agents the ability to see who is browsing the company portal and/or any website that contains the Who's On tracking code. On occasion, an agent may want to chat with one of these visitors. There are various reasons why initiating a chat with a visitor might be beneficial. For example, an agent evaluating the Who's On summary may notice that the pages viewed by the visitor indicate an interest in a specific product or service the company offers. By inviting the customer to chat, the agent has the opportunity to answer questions in real time. When used in conjunction with live chat, Who's On can help increase conversions and expedite customer service.

When a visitor receives a live chat invitation, the live chat will not begin until the user accepts the chat with their reply. At that point, a live chat will be assigned to the agent who invited the visitor, despite the agent's availability or active group status.

To initiate a live chat with a user, log into the management interface with your agent account. Then select Who's On from the Navigator. Agents can watch All Visitors, or use a pre-configured filter to see visitors in specific areas, or on specific pages, of the website utilizing the Who's On code. Regardless, the agent simply needs to selects the user from the content, then click the Invite to Live Chat button in the preview pane. A Live Chat Invitation modal window will display the following:

  • Recipient - The site visitor who will receive the live chat invitation. Based on the information available, this field will display the visitor’s account display name, username, email address or IP address.
  • Groups - The group to which the live chat will be assigned. The groups displayed in this list are only those whose department has live chat enabled.
  • Message - In this field, enter the message the visitor will see in the chat window. Variables may be included in order to customize the message based on the visitor’s information. In the list of variables, the visitor’s corresponding value will be displayed. Enter a variable in the correct format (surrounding by the pound sign, ex: #browser#) in the Message textbox to display its corresponding value in the Message Preview box, which is what will displayed to the visitor. If no information for the variable is available, it will not be shown in the Message Preview.
  • Message Preview - This shows how the message will be displayed to the visitor.
  • Variables - Various variables can be used in conjunction with the message sent to the visitor. For example, the message can contain the #currentpagetitle# variable, which would allow the agent to say something like "I see you're on the #currentpagetitle# page of our website. Do you have any specific questions I can help answer?"

The live chat’s styling will match the live chat link that is used for the site the visitor is currently on. In the event where a live chat link has not been added to the website where Who’s On tracking has been configured, a live chat window using the default styling and button-type chat window will be shown. Note: Invitations to chat are automatically ignored and removed from the visitor’s screen after 2 minutes of being viewed and unresponded to by the end user.

Once the visitor replies to the invitation, the live chat will be available for the agent in the Live Chat area of SmarterTrack. They should receive a notification that a live chat is available and can simply click that notification to be taken directly to the chat.

For more information about Who's On, please see Who's On Overview.
For more information about live chat, see Live Chats Overview.