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Creating New Canned Replies

To create a new canned reply, select New in the Navigator, then select Canned Reply from the dropdown. The new canned reply window opens that the agent will use to create the canned reply.

The new canned reply window contains a tab to compose the reply, and a tab to set reply options such as the default language to use and whether the reply should be available for live chats and/or tickets.

Compose Tab

This is where you actually create the canned reply. The Compose tab includes an HTML editor that will allow you to create stylish, HTML-formatted replies. The following fields will appear on the Compose tab for any new article:

  • Title - Type the title of the canned reply in this field.
  • Folder - To specify the folder in which this canned reply should appear, select the appropriate folder from the list.
  • Assign To - If you want a canned reply to ONLY be available to specific agent, or to a specific department, then select your choice from this drop down. If the canned reply should be available to everyone, that can be set as well.
  • Flags - In order to flag the canned reply as a draft, check the appropriate box. For more information, see Canned Replies Overview
  • HTML Editor - This is where the article is created.

To compose the canned reply, type the text of the reply in the large editing box below the canned reply header. Agents can change the formatting using the HTML editor.

Options Tab

The following options are available in the options tab of the new article window:

  • Canned Reply Type - To specify whether the canned reply can be used for tickets and live chats, tickets only, or live chats only, select the appropriate option from the list.
  • Language - To specify the language, select the appropriate language from the list.

The following options are available in the toolbar of the new article window:

  • Save - Saves the contents of the canned reply.