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SmarterTrack Mobile

The SmarterTrack mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, allows agents and managers to quickly and easily reply to tickets, respond to live chats, manage tasks, and log calls, wherever they are and whenever they're needed. It provides agents with a balance of functionality and speed, giving them the tools they need to manage customer communication when on-the-go or away from the office. Plus, it works with any installation of SmarterTrack: whether an on-premises installation or the SmarterTrack Hosted service! NOTE: You will need to have the most recent version of SmarterTrack installed to ensure you receive the full benefit of the SmarterTrack Mobile app. (This is not a concern for Hosted SmarterTrack customers.)

SmarterTrack is a very complex and full-featured help desk, so some of the features available simply do not translate well to smaller screens. As a result, the mobile app is a complement to the full version of SmarterTrack, not a replacement for it. Tablet users, for example, will find use of the full management interface via their mobile browser a more efficient way to interact with SmarterTrack.

Below is a list of some of the functionality available in SmarterTrack Mobile:

Ticket Management

  • Reply to tickets
  • Start new incoming/outgoing tickets
  • Ticket transfers
  • Take tickets from the queue
  • Comment on tickets
  • Set follow-ups
  • Manage ticket status (active, waiting, etc.)
  • Ticket priorities
  • Much more!

Live Chat

  • Reply to chats
  • Transfer chats to other agents
  • Take chats
  • Coach agents
  • Add related items
  • Send a chat transcript
  • Much more!

Task Management

  • Create new tasks
  • Edit task description and details
  • Manage progress
  • Assign/re-assign tasks
  • Edit start/end dates and times
  • Set reminders
  • Much more!

Call Logging

  • Create new call logs
  • Edit log details
  • Add attachments
  • Add related items
  • Edit start/end dates and times
  • Much more!

Additional Features

  • Multiple brand support
  • Agent status (available/unavailable)
  • Light/dark theme support
  • System notifications
  • Group status
  • Biometric support