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SmarterTrack Communicator is a SIP-compliant voice over IP (VOIP) soft-phone that seamlessly integrates a company's phone system with SmarterTrack. Because it is configurable within SmarterTrack, all settings, profiles and agent information is pushed to whatever desktop or laptop an agent logs into. This greatly increases an agent's flexibility and also limits the amount of management and administration needed. Administrators can use this section to manage those settings related to SmarterTrack Communicator.

Note: The VOIP settings within SmarterTrack apply ONLY to SmarterTrack Communicator. While third-party VOIP clients can be used with SmarterTrack, those configurations would all take place with the phone server or soft-phone client. A benefit of using Communicator is that it provides a centralized location for configuration.

To access this section, log into the management interface with an administrator account. Then click on the Settings icon. In the Configuration area of the navigation pane, click on VOIP. The settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


  • Enable personal calls - Enable this option to allow agents to make personal calls while using SmarterTrack Communicator.
  • Purge Recordings After - Use this option to determine when SmarterTrack Communicator recordings are purged from the system. The number of days or size (MB) can be used to determine the purge threshold.

Brand Configurations

Brand-level VOIP settings allow administrators to set up basic information about how SmarterTrack handles VOIP calls. From the list of configured brands, double-click a brand name to edit its associated VOIP settings. A modal window will display the following options:

  • Country Code - The country code associated with the phone number.
  • Phone Number - The primary phone number for the brand.
  • Max Lines per Agent - The maximum number of phone lines each agent will have available.
  • Chats Before Unavailable - The number of live chats an agent will require before they become unavailable for phone calls.
  • Enable automatic call recording - When enabled, recorded calls are stored, by default, at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SmarterTrackCommunicator\Recordings. Call recordings associated to call logs are compressed after 7 days of inactivity to reduce disk space and reduce the number of files on the server.

VOIP Accounts

Use this tab to configure the individual agent VOIP accounts. To create a new VOIP account, click New in the content pane toolbar. This will open the VOIP account editor, which can be used to create the new account. In the modal window, the following tabs are available:

Options tab

This tab allows the administrator to specify basic information regarding the account. The available options are:

  • Agent - The agent to associate with the VOIP account.
  • Group - The group to associate with the VOIP account/agent.
  • Country Code - The country code associated with the phone number.
  • Phone Number - The agent's phone number. A direct line is not required.
  • Extension - The agent's extension.
  • Max Phone Lines - The maximum number of phone lines the agent will have available.
  • Min Call Log Length - The minimum amount of time a call needs to last before a call log is automatically created.

SIP tab

As SmarterTrack Communicator is a SIP-compliant soft-phone, a phone server's SIP information is required for each VoIP account that is created. In most cases, this information can be taken directly from the phone server itself.

  • VOIP Username - The agent's VoIP username as it appears in the phone server.
  • VOIP Password - The agent's password as it appears in the phone server.
  • SIP Server - The phone server's SIP address (e.g.,
  • SIP Port - The listening port used for SIP. The default is 5060.
  • SIP Domain - The full domain for the SIP phone server (e.g.,
  • SIP Auth Name - The username the phone server assigns to the agent.
  • Outbound Proxy Server - The address of the outbound proxy server, if one is being used.
  • Outbound Proxy Port - The port used by the outbound proxy server.
  • Use Session Description Protocol (SDP) - Check this box in order for the phone server to pass session information to SmarterTrack Communicator. For example, session announcements or session invitations.

STUN tab

Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs (STUN) is a protocol for assisting phone servers that are behind NAT firewalls and/or routers.

  • STUN Server - The STUN server's address (e.g.,
  • STUN Port -
  • The STUN server's port. The default is 3478.


A list of all configured groups can be found on this tab. If there is an extension for the group as a whole, it should be entered here.