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Viewing Tasks

To view a Task's details, simply click on it from the content pane its details will display in the preview pane. If you would rather view the task in a popup window, double-click the task instead. (You can also click the pop-out icon from the toolbar on the ticket itself.)

Generally, tasks are organized into different sections depending on whether they are under consideration, approved, in progress, on hold, in review, completed or rejected. To view tasks by status simply click on the desired status -- whether they're your own tasks or global tasks. All tasks with the selected status will load in the content pane. For more information on the options available when viewing a task, see Tasks Overview.

In general, the following options are available from the preview pane toolbar:

  • Edit - Allows the agent to modify the selected task.
  • Delete - Deletes the task. For more information on deleted tasks, see Deleting Tasks
  • Pop-out - Allows the agent to open the task in a pop-out window.
  • Actions (...)
    • Manual Event - Selecting this opens a modal window. If any manual events are created for tasks, they are displayed here and available for use.

Content Pane Actions

In general, the following options are available from the content pane toolbar:

  • Search - Allows the agent to search the tasks in the content pane.
  • Sort - Sorts the list of tasks in ascending or descending order based on the selected option, such as subject, status, due date, etc. Clicking on Reset Sort Order will return the sort order to its default status.
  • Actions (…) - Click this button and select the appropriate option to transfer a call log or select all call logs.
    • Select All - Selects all tasks.
    • Transfer - Transfer the selected task(s) to another group or agent. For more information, see Transferring Tasks.
    • Status - Allows you to change the status of the selected task(s).
    • Priority - Allows you to change the priority of the selected task(s).
    • Delete - Deletes the selected task(s). For more information on deleted tasks, see Deleting Tasks.