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Troubleshooting a Domain or User

There are times when you will need to access domain specific information or review the settings/configuration of a particular user. SmarterMail offers System Admininstrators the ability to impersonate users or Domain Administrators to accomplish these goals.

First things first: as a System Admininstrator, as long as "Allow domain management" and "Allow impersonation" permissions were granted to your administrative account, you'll be able to assist with any domain or user management duties that come up. In addition, the need to impersonate a Domain Administrator is mitigated by having domain settings available to System Admininstrators with "Allow domain management" permissions. When managing a domain, System Administrators will have tabs available when managing a domain that mirror the same settings seen by Domain Administrators. Therefore, while it's not necessary to impersonate a Domain Admininstrator, it is definitely possible.

There are a couple of different ways to impersonate a user...

Using a Domain's Accounts Tab

If a System Administrator has the proper permissions, when they manage a domain they'll see tabs that represent all of the settings that domain's Admininstrator has access to. One of these tabs is the Accounts tab. Here, a list of all that domain's users is displayed along with columns that display certain pieces of information about each user. One of those columns is labeled Type. If you need to impersonate a Domain Administrator, look for a user with the "Domain Admin" type. Simply select that user then select Impersonat User by clicking on the Actions (...) button. A new browser tab will open up, and you'll be taken to that user's settings. From here, you can click the Domain Settings icon and see that all of that domain's settings. If you want to impersonate a specific user, you do the same: Select that user, then select the "Impersonate User" option from the Actions button.

If you're unsure which account is the Administrator for a domain, the best way to impersonate that Administrator is as follows:

Using Impersonate User

If you're sure of the account you want to impersonate -- that is, you have their username and domain -- you can simply go to the Manage area and select Impersonate User from the navigation pane. A modal window opens up and you can simply type their full email address (e.g., in the email address filed, then hit the Impersonate button. Alternatively, you cna select the domain name from the Domain dropdown, then type their username.

When impersonating using the Impersonate User options, SmarterMail will ensure the account you're typing in is an actual SmarterMail account before allowing you to impersonate it. So be sure to check your spelling when typing in the username or full email address.