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Listserv commands

Listserv commands allow you to control the list through commands sent in email messages to the listserv command address. By default, the command address for a domain is "", where example is the name of your domain. However, your system administrator may change this command address.

To send a command, compose an email to the command address with the command in the body of the message. The subject of the message is ignored.

Available Commands

Note: Any references to listname should be replaced with the list you are trying to use.

Help listname - Replies to the email with the contents of the Help system message for that list.

Subscribe listname - Adds your email address to the subscribers list of the mailing list. Note: This command can be disabled by the domain administrator.

Unsubscribe listname - Removes your email address from the subscribers list for the mailing list referenced by listname.

Set mode digest listname - Sets your email address to receive emails in digest mode, which will send all messages for the list combined into one email at regular intervals.

Set mode standard listname - Sets your email address to receive emails in standard mode (the default), which will send messages one at a time to your email account.