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User Statuses

System administrators can use this section to monitor several statuses for each user on the server. Monitoring these statuses can show administrators where there are issues, or inform them of why a particular behavior is occurring. For example, if a user complains of slowness, it could be due to the mail account being indexed. If a new user is missing email, it may be due to it still being migrated into SmarterMail.

When viewing user statuses, the following columns are available:

  • User - The full email address of the user.
  • Authentication - The type of authentication being used, such as Active Directory or SmarterMail (user/password).
  • Two-Step Authentication - Whether Two-Step Authentication is enabled for that user.
  • Enabled - Whether the user is enabled for their domain.
  • Migrating - Whether the user is still in the process of migrating to SmarterMail.
  • Indexing - Whether the user is indexing.
  • Authenticated Connections - The number of logins, across various protocols, the user has.
  • Password Changes Disabled - Whether the user is able to reset their own password or not.
  • Password Violations - The number of times the user has created/used a password that violates the administrator's password policies.
  • Password Expired - Whether the users password is expired.


The following actions can be taken:

  • Refresh - This button refreshes the list of online users.
  • Actions (⋮)
    • Reindex - This action will start reindexing the selected user(s).
    • Expire Password - This action will cause the selected user(s) to have to reset their password on next login.
    • Export to CSV - This action will export a list of selected users to a CSV file that can be opened/used in a spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.