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SmarterMail Edition Explanation

Enterprise Edition

SmarterMail Enterprise has everything in the Professional Edition plus additional tools and features a business needs to bring an entire organization together. With the MAPI & EWS and EAS add-ons, SmarterMail Enterprise is truly a complete and affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange. It's perfect for businesses looking for enterprise features, web hosting companies, ISPs and other service providers who want to offer a collaborative messaging platform. Some additional features that set Enterprise apart from Professional include:

  • Online Meetings
  • Live chat
  • Failover functionality
  • Ability to mark a domain as hosted externally
  • LDAP support
  • Active directory authentication
  • Email and chat archiving for SOX, HIPAA or other regulatory requirements
  • The ability to purchase and integrate one, or both, of the following licensed add-ons:
    • EAS for mobile (e.g., Outlook Mobile) synchronization
    • MAPI & EWS for Microsoft Outlook 2016 and above on Windows (MAPI), plus Apple desktop client synchronization (Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail) and eM Client on Windows (EWS).

SmarterMail Professional

SmarterMail Professional is a complete and feature-rich mail server. It offers the essentials: email, calendaring, contact lists, tasks and notes and the ability to share and collaborate on all of these features. It's the ideal solution for a business or organization that focuses on using primarily webmail for their day-to-day operations and includes the ability to sync mobile and desktop clients using IMAP, POP, CalDAV and CardDAV. SmarterMail Professional is a great solution for a number of small businesses or for individual users.

SmarterMail Free

SmarterMail Free contains much of the same functionality as SmarterMail Enterprise, but is limited to one domain with up to 10 users. This is to give you an opportunity to try all the features out before making a decision on what product to purchase.

SmarterMail Edition Comparison

You can also refer to the following edition comparison chart for more information about each edition.

Features 1Free Pro Enterprise
Migration and Converters
Mail server converters for a wide variety of competitors
Mailbox migration for email, calendar, contacts and tasks
Automation using (Web Services/REST)
Compatible with wide variety of control panel companies
Add/edit domains and users
Add/edit calendars, tasks and notes
Add/edit RSS feeds
Retrieve user and domain statistics via Web services2
Scheduling(Replace services like Harmonizely)  
Public Folders
CalDAV and CardDAV support  
Outlook Scheduling Assistant support (requires MAPI & EWS add-on)  
Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher synchronization  
eM Client synchronization  
Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar synchronization  
Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning synchronization  
Webmail reminders system
Webmail availability of attendees
Webmail personal contacts
Webmail Global Address List (GAL)  
Webmail personal calendars, tasks and notes
Shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes
Delegation (Available in clients using supported protocols such as MAPI & EWS)
Chat and Online Meetings
XMPP server  
Chat(Audio, video, and text between individuals)  
Online Meetings (Audio, video, and text for groups)  
File upload support for Chat and Online Meetings
Search, view and print archived chats  
Compatible with XMPP-supported chat clients  
Mail Server Protocols
MAPI & EWS support (Native support for desktop clients: Microsoft Outlook, eM Client)     Add-on
EAS support (Native support for mobile clients and apps)     Add-on
Message retrieval via POP and IMAP
Antispam Measures
Default and custom RBL support
Default and custom URIBL support
Message Sniffer available   Add-on Add-on
Cyren Premium Antispam available (Includes Cyren IP Reputation Management)   Add-on Add-on
Inbound and outbound spam checking
Spam quarantine (outgoing messages only)
Spam checking on POP3 message retrieval
Outgoing spammer detection and limiting
SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching Engine
Support for distributed SpamAssassin servers (Linux or Windows)
Support for remote Rspamd servers
SPF record checking
DKIM Mail Signing
DMARC support
RBL listing detection
Reverse DNS checking
Greylisting (based on IP, sender location, spam weight, etc.)
Configurable spam weights for system, domain and users
Configurable spam headers
Trusted senders
Requiring SMTP authentication for outgoing messages
Support for Declude
Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus   Add-on Add-on
Out-of-the-box ClamAV
Support for third-party real-time antivirus solutions
Support for third-party command-line antivirus solutions
Support for a remote ClamAV server (Linux or Windows)
Virus quarantine (outgoing messages only)
Security/Attack Prevention
Inbound and outbound TLS
Inbound and outbound SSL
SSL/TLS Automation
Server Name Identification (SNI)
Block Authentication by Country
IDS Blocks by Class C
Active Directory Authentication (ADX)  
Two-Step Authentication (2FA - users and administrators)  
Optional alternate SMTP port
SMTP authentication by domain
Restrict administrator access via IP
Brute force detection for Webmail
Manual and automatic IP whitelisting/blacklisting
Automatic harvest attack prevention
Automatic denial of service prevention
Malicious script filtering in webmail
Throttle user and domain activity
Throttle incoming bounces to prevent saturation
Real-time performance dashboards (traffic stats)
Basic reports (disk usage, file storage, etc.)
Advanced summary/trend reports (connections, traffic, spam, virus, etc.)
Data drill down for summary reports
Reporting statistics exposed as PerfMon counters  
Export reports to CSV and tab formats
Events and Notifications
Event-driven architecture
Notification profiles
Configurable system, domain and user events
Assign actions to events (e.g. command-line, notifications, etc.)
Default notification to all users when disk quotas are reached
Message Archiving
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance3  
Enable message archiving by domain  
Messages .ZIP compressed to reduce space necessary  
Search, view and print archived messages  
Messages stored in .EML format  
Mark a domain as hosted externally  
Remote wipe of mobile devices (requires EAS add-on)    
Support for auto-discovery
Performance counters (POP threads, POP connections, message sent/received, etc.)
Two-Step Authentication (2FA)
Failover functionality    
Administration from a Web browser
Login Customization
Multiple system administrator accounts
Review and download log files from interface
Users can be limited to specific protocols (IMAP, POP, SMTP)
Mass propagation of settings for domains/users
Mass messaging to some or all users and domain administrators
Prioritize SMTP based on message type, domain or user  
Spool functionality that allows third-party integration
Configurable outbound SMTP IP addresses
Multiple spools (smart spooling)
Manage all connections
Manage current blocks
Immediate blacklisting of connections and sessions
Configurable user password strength requirements
Configurable user settings by domain
Configurable logging for all protocols
Password compliance reporting and enforcement
Folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas
Domain-wide and system-wide footers
SmarterMail search indexing
Web Interface (Webmail)
Multi-language compatible
Sender Verification Shield
Easily unsubscribe from mailing lists
Block email trackers
Optimized web-based performance
Compatible with mobile devices
Preview message attachments
New message notifications from anywhere in interface
Thumbnails for image file attachments
Download all attachments as .ZIP
Upload attachments in the background
File storage
Automatic save as draft
Click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality
Follow-up flagging
Linked emails and tasks
Advanced content filtering
Advanced spam filtering rules
User-level auto-clean
Support for multiple languages
Email address auto-complete similar to Microsoft Outlook
Import and export contacts
Support for user and domain aliases
Multiple signatures support
Multiple identity/SMTP support
Mailing Lists
Bounce detection
Automatic removal of subscribers on bounces
Optional double opt-in
Subscriber custom fields
Friendly unsubscribe links in messages
Common subscriber database for all mailing lists
Merge variables and custom fields into messages (mail merge)
Enable auto-generated response to mailing list commands
Enhanced mailing list compose with attachments
Customized command messages
Mail logging per subscriber
Message prioritization of mailing list
Throttling of mailing lists
Round robin or by domain
Use as SmartHost or inbound gateway
Use as backup MX server
Use as outbound gateway
User authentication and SSL/TLS support for outbound gateways
Gateway authentication with other SmarterMail servers
Gateway can have domain exceptions
Spam checking available on gateways
Greylisting available on gateways

1SmarterMail Free contains much of the same functionality as SmarterMail Enterprise, but is limited to one domain with up to 10 users. This is to give you an opportunity to try all the features out before making a decision on what product to purchase.

2For more information about using Web services with SmarterMail, see Automation with Web Services.

3Consult your compliance professional to determine applicability to your organization.

For further assistance choosing the right edition, please contact the sales department by emailing During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 1.877.357.6278.