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Adding a New Domain

Once SmarterMail has been installed, it's time to start adding domains.

Just a few pieces of information are needed in order to add a domain. Once this information is provided, the new domain is set up using the Domain Defaults that have been configured. However, system administrators can always modify any Domain Details as needed by simply clicking on its name on the Domains page.

Adding a Domain

To create a new domain, click the New button within the Domains section. The following custom configuration options will be available:

  • Name - The name of the domain. For example, or
  • Hostname - The URL of the mail server (e.g., to be returned for an Autodiscover query by a user of that domain. This will also act as the URL for users to log in to the webmail client. SmarterMail will default this to based on the Domain Defaults that are pre-configured on a new installation of SmarterMail. However, hostnames can be edited as needed and that default can be set to whatever the system administrator wants it to be.
  • Folder - The directory in which all information (XML files, mail statistics, alias information, etc.) pertaining to the domain is saved. Note: If the directory does not already exist, it will be created. This directory should be solely dedicated to SmarterMail. By default, SmarterMail saves domain information to c:\SmarterMail\Domains\.
  • Domain Administrator Username - The primary domain administrator is responsible for adding and deleting email accounts and setting specific configurations for the domain. Domain administrator accounts also have the ability to send and receive email, manage contacts, etc., just like a user account. Enter the identifier the domain administrator will use to log into SmarterMail. Enter only the username, not the full address. For example, the "jdoe" portion of "".
  • Domain Administrator Password - Enter the password associated to the domain administrator username.