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Mailing Lists

As a SmarterMail User you may be tasked with becoming a "List Moderator". What that means is that you're the person who manages a mailing list for your organization. Therefore, it's your job to get the setup the mailing list, manage subscribers, manage who can post to the list and much more. If you do become a List Moderator, the Mailing Lists tab in your Settings is where you go to work on those lists.

When you access your mailing lists page, if you are the moderator of a list it will be displayed on this page with following:

  • List Name - The name of the mailing list.
  • List Moderator - The List Moderator's Display Name. As you're managing the lists, this should be you.
  • Subscribers - The total number of subscribers for the mailing list.
  • Digest Subscribers - The total number of digest subscribers for the mailing list.

Managing Mailing Lists

As a List Moderator you have full control over the various settings for the list, or lists, you manage. To see these settings, simply click on the list you want to manager and it's options will open.

For information on the tabs listed and the options available, see the information below:

  • Options - Configure the mailing list options and permissions
  • Subscribers and Digest Subscribers - Add subscribers who will receive the standard mailing list postings or digest emails.
  • Allowed Posters - Whitelist email addresses or domains who can post to the mailing list
  • Banned Posters - Prevent specific email addresses or domains from posting to the mailing list
  • Messages - Configure the header and footer for postings as well as the replies sent to listserv commands
  • Custom Fields - Customize list postings with subscriber custom fields