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User Defaults

The job of the system administrator is to make sure that the SmarterMail server runs as efficiently as possible. Part of that responsibility is putting measures in place to limit the potential for system abuses and "user error" that could cause problems.

SmarterMail gives system administrators the ability to create a default template that's used as a starting point for all users of the mail server. This includes the ability to set size limits for mailboxes, delete email actions, set up throttling for users and more. These defaults can be set at any time and will be used for any new users added to the server. These settings can also be propagated to a single domain, multiple domains or all domains on the server so users have the same settings as the new defaults. From here, domain administrators can further lock down user accounts and set their own user limits.

The default user settings are identical to those found when adding or editing a user. For more information on these settings, refer to the Users page.

You can make whatever changes you want to the settings on the User Defaults page, and any NEW domains that are added to the server will have these defaults applied for their users. However, it's also possible to change these settings, then push those settings to one or more domains, or to all domains.


To apply some or all of the default user settings to some or all of the existing domains, do the following:

  1. First, make any changes you want on this page, then click the Save button.
  2. Next, click on the Propagate button. A modal window opens up.
  3. Scroll down the list of settings, placing a check mark next to the settings you want to push to your user(s).
  4. Once all items have been selected, you can pick how you want to propagate the changes:
    • Apply to - This gives you the opportunity to select where you want the settings changes to be propagated:
      • User Defaults - This will overwrite any existing User Defaults based on the "Push to" option selected. Namely, All Domains or to specific domains listed.
      • Users - This will overwrite any existing User settings based on the "Push to" option selected.
      • Both - This will overwrite both the User Defaults and any existing user settings.
    • Push to
      • >All Domains - This will propagate the changes to all domains on the server.
      • Specific Domains - Selecting this allows you to start entering the domains you want to propagate the changes to. These changes will only propagate to the domains you enter.
    • Domain - Allows you to specify the domain(s) within SmarterMail that you want to propagate the settings to. If "All Domains" is selected, this entry is not available. NOTE: the modal does have a scrollbar, so after a domain is entered you may need to scroll down to see the next line to add in a second domain.
  5. Once you've selected your changes, and added the specific domains you want to propagate the changes to, click the Propagate button.

NOTE: Simply making a change to the User Defaults doesn't automatically propagate, so a change to default settings does not change users that are already in place for any domain. They're only a user template any new domains that are added to the server. In order for changes to take effect, they must be propagated.