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Subscribers and Digest Subscribers

This settings page is only available to domain administrators, mailing list moderators and system administrators with the proper permissions.

Individuals that sign up to receive messages from the mailing lists are called subscribers. Subscribers are categorized into two ways: the Subscribers tab stores the subscribers for standard mailing list postings and the Digest Subscribers tab stores subscribers for condensed digest emails.

Manually Adding Subscribers

There are two primary methods for manually adding subscribers -- either regular list subscribers or digest subscribers -- to a mailing list:

  1. If there are only a few emails to add to the mailing list, list moderators, domain administrators or system administrators with the proper domain management permissions can manually add subscribers.

  2. If there are a large number of emails to add to a mailing list, domain administrators or system administrators with the proper domain management permissions can upload a .CSV file containing all of the subscriber emails.

Adding individual subscribers to a mailing list:

  1. Select the desired mailing list. The mailing list settings will load in the content pane.
  2. On the Subscribers tab, the list of subscribers to this mailing list will load in the content pane.
  3. Using the New button, add the subscriber(s) email address(es), one per line.
  4. Once all addresses have been added, be sure to Save you changes.

Adding multiple subscribers to a mailing list at once:

It's also possible to add multiple users to a list at one time by uploading a list of users using a .CSV file. At a bare minimum, the .csv file must contain a column named "EmailAddress". Any additional columns in the .csv file will be added as Custom Fields for the corresponding subscriber/email address. The Import from CSV option can be used to:

  • Add new Subscribers, with our without Custom Field data.
  • Update/overwrite the Custom Field values for existing Subscribers.
  • Add new Custom Fields to existing Subscribers.

NOTE: If you import a CSV that contains existing Subscribers, their Custom Field data will be overwritten with the contents of the CSV.

  1. Select the desired mailing list and go to the Subscribers tab.
  2. Using the Actions (⋮) button, select Import CSV File. The Upload Subscribers modal window opens.
  3. You can either drag-and-drop a CSV file into the modal window, or click inside the window to open File Explorer to find and "open" the file. Click Upload in the content pane toolbar.

Managing Subscribers

Once a subscriber has been added to the list, you can modify their custom field values, review the other mailing lists to which they are subscribed, see the history of bounce messages they've received and reviewed the history of messages they've received.

To download the list of subscribers as a text file, click on the Actions (⋮), then Export CSV File.