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Add to Outlook

Calendars and contact lists can be loaded into Outlook and displayed side-by-side with your existing Outlook calendar and contacts. This allows you to see your current appointments and contacts from SmarterMail right in Outlook.

To use the Add to Outlook connection:

  1. In SmarterMail, navigate to your Calendar or Contacts.
  2. Select Add to Outlook from the Actions (⋮) dropdown menu.
  3. A modal appears that provides you with additional instructions. You'll be prompted to select the version of Outlook you're using, which calendar or contact list you wish to sync, and then you have the option of changing the default Description and/or add in a Display Name for the item you're syncing.
  4. Click OK to initiate the connector.
  5. A security popup will appear from Outlook, explaining that an external source wants to attach to Outlook. Selecting Yes allows the connector to attach.
  6. The resource is now available in Outlook.

Note: If you change the password on your email account, the connections will be broken and will have to be reestablished.

Limitations of Add to Outlook

While it may work for some, there are significant limitations to using the Add to Outlook plug-in: it will only sync "Owned" folders (i.e., folders where the user has Owner permissions on the folder), user shared folders, and the GAL. Other folders, with non-owner permissions, will not sync as they do when using other protocols.