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Viruses Caught

This report tells you the number of viruses that were received, per message, through email and caught by the virus protection set up by your system administrator for whatever time period you specify. There is also a handy chart that displays the trend line for the time period.

A user can change the dates of the report as well as the "Step", which means whether you want to see the report by hour, day, week, month or quarter. (Based on the start and end dates -- so a quarterly report would need a full 3 months selected.) Users can change the chart type by clicking the chart icon next to the date, or even export the report as needed. Each column in the report is sortable, either ascending or descending, and the sort can change simply by clicking the column header.

The following report items are available:

  • Day - The day of the week covered by the report.
  • Viruses Caught - The total number of viruses detected from incoming mail.