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Domain Disk Usage Report

This report provides a domain administrator with an understanding of the overall disk space usage for the domain as a whole, broken down by each individual user. Each folder the user has is included in their total along with file storage and online meetings. A chart is also provided for a visual understanding of overall usage. As this is an overview of their account usage, it's not possible to view any trend over time. To see the list of folders for a particular user, and the usage details for each, simply click on their name.

The following report items are available, and each column is sortable -- ascending or descending -- simply by clicking on the report item's header:

  • User - The name of the owner of the mailbox. Clicking on the username will open a new report that will display a breakdown of the disk usage for that particular user.
  • Last Login - The date of the user's last login to the webmail interface.
  • Percent of Total - The percentage of the overall total that is being used by that user.
  • Disk Usage - The total disk space being used for that user, in either KB or MB.
  • Disk Space Limit - The total amount of disk space allocated for the particular user. If the disk space is unlimited, an infinity sign is displayed. (∞)

It's also possible to export this data in CSV format for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, etc. To do this, simply click the page icon in the upper right hand corner of the reports page. Once clicked, you'll be able to save the data and name the file to whatever you want.