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SMTP In Errors

This report tells if any errors occurred from SMTP incoming mail for all users of a domain (at the Domain Admininstrator level) or all domains on your server (at the System Administrator level). Domain and system administrators may use this report to identify users that are using faulty email clients or uneccessarily using system resources. Note: Not all reports are available for users and/or domains. Consult your system or domain administrator for report availability.

The following report items are available:

  • Rank - The order in which users or domains are listed within the report.
  • Domain - For System Administrators, the specific domain on a server.
  • User - For Domain Admininstrators, the specific user on the domain.
  • Account Type - For Domain Admininstrators, the type of account the email address is associated with (user, domain administrator, or system administrator).
  • Blocked Connections - The total number of connections that were blocked.
  • Bad Commands - The total number of bad commands given.
  • Terminations - The total number of terminations that occured for incoming mail.