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Indexing Status

SmarterMail Search Indexing allows users to instantly find any files -- including messages, attachments, appointments, contacts, tasks, or notes -- in their mailbox. Following the initial scan of the server, SmarterMail continually monitors each user's mailbox for changes and updates the index accordingly. This method of indexing reduces server utilization while increasing the speed with which search results are returned.

System administrators can use this section to view the status of SmarterMail Search Indexing. Viewing the status of indexing can be beneficial when troubleshooting a problem. For example, if the mail service seems to be using a large amount of CPU, the system administrator can check to see if the cause of the temporary increase in CPU usage is due to indexing.

To view the indexing status, click the Manage icon and then click on Indexing Status. A list of users being indexed (Processing) or users awaiting indexing (Queued) can be viewed.