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Antispam Help Topics

The Antispam area contains the following resources for System Administrators. To view the antispam options for your server, log in to SmarterMail as an Administrator and click on the Settings icon. Then click on Antispam in the navigation pane. The following tabs will be available:

  • Options - Adjust a variety of antispam options for the server, including Trusted Senders, Filtering, SMTP Blocking, Greylisting Options and more.
  • Spam Checks - View and modify the spam checks that are enabled for the server.
  • RBLs - View and modify the RBLs that are enabled for the server.
  • URIBLs - View and modify the URIBLs that are enabled for the server.
  • IP Bypasses - Prevent spam checks and/or greylisting on email delivered from specific IP addresses.
  • Greylist Filters - Add or modify the greylisting exceptions.
  • Recommended Antispam and Antivirus Settings - Review the recommended, but highly configurable, settings for SmarterMail's included antispam and antivirus.