SmarterMail 12.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Server Blacklist Checker

Knowing when a mail server is listed by one of the realtime black lists (RBL) SmarterMail incorporates into its various spam checks used to mean system administrators would have to log in to various websites and perform manual checks of their domains and/or IP addresses. However, with the Server Blacklist Check, these checks are performed automatically for all IP addresses added to a SmarterMail server so system administrators know if a server is actively blacklisted. Once a day, SmarterMail checks all of the RBLs available by default for any server IP addresses (besides localhost), regardless of whether the RBL is actively being used as a spam check. If the RBLs come back showing an IP as blacklisted, it changes that IPs blacklist status from False to True on the Server Blacklist page. System administrators are advised to set up Blacklist Status Changed system events that will immediately notify them if a server becomes listed by a RBL.

To access the Server Blacklist Check, click the Security icon and then click Server Blacklist Check. A list of IP addresses on the server will load in the content pane and the following columns will appear in the content pane:

  • IP Address - The IP address used for a domain, or for several domains, on that mail server.
  • Spam Check - THe name of the RBL or URIBL that is being used.
  • Blocked - If the IP is blocked by the specific spam check, this column will say True. If the IP address is NOT blocked, this will say Fales.
  • Change - THe last date and time the IP was checked against the specific list.