SmarterMail 13.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Email Events

Users and system administrators can receive notifications based on the following email events:

  • Message Received - Notifies users that they received a new email message.
  • Message Sent - Notifies users that the mail server sent a message.


Depending on the event selected, the following event criteria are available:

  • Event Name - The name of the event.
  • Event Category - The feature to which the event pertains (collaboration, email, security, etc.)
  • Event Type - Each category has several specific event types that can trigger the action.
  • Time of Day - The time frame during which the event occurs.
  • Day of Week - The day(s) of the week during which the event occurs.
  • To Address - The email address to which the message was sent.
  • To Domain - The domain the email was sent to or received from that will trigger the on which the event.
  • From Address - The email address from which the email message was sent.
  • From Domain - The domain from which the email message was sent.
  • Subject - The words that will trigger the event if found within the subject of the message.
  • Intra Domain - Select this option to trigger the event when an email is sent/received from within the domain.
  • Size - The message size in KB that will trigger the event.
  • Enabled - The Enabled checkbox must be marked in order for this event to trigger. Use this setting to temporarily disable events.


Depending on the event selected, the following actions are available:

  • Use my notification profile
  • Send email
  • Toast notification
  • Execute command-line