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This settings page is only available to Domain Administrators and System Admininstrators with the proper permissions.

In the Sharing section, Domain Administrators have the ability to create a few resources for all users of the domain:

  • Domain Calendars - Domain Calendars can be used for company-wide events such as company holidays, payroll or PTO schedules. Domain calendars show up as "subscribed" calendars for users and can be displayed/hidden in a user's Calendars area just like other calendars.
  • Conference Rooms - Conference Rooms are used in conjunction with meetings/events that are created. When creating a new event in a calendar, a shared conference room can be selected for the location of that meeting/discussion/event.
  • User Groups - User Groups are used to give permissions to specific subsets of users on the domain to access shared resources. For example, if a business wanted to make it easy for members of its Sales Department to share their calendars with other team members, the Domain Administrator would create a User Group for all the Sales Department employees.

The Sharing page is separated into 2 different cards:


The Sharing card is where Domain Admininstrators create shared calendars and/or conference rooms. When clicking the New Shared Resource button on the Sharing card, the Domain Admininstrator is presented with a modal window that contains the following information to be filled out:

  • Name - The name of the resource. It's always a best practice to name the shared resource something that will be easily identified by users. For example, if the resource will be a conference room name the resource the same as the room designation. For example, South Conference Room or Main Hall. For calendars, something like "PTO Calender" or simlilar.
  • Type - The type of resource being added: Calendar or Conference Room.
  • Users - Here, you'll enter individual users that will receive the share. Enter only the username of the account. (For example, for user account, "", you would enter "jdoe".) Once you begin typing the username, you'll notice a second line appears below where you're typing. This allows you to share the resource with any number of individual users.
  • User Groups - User Groups can be selected to give permissions to specific subsets of users on the domain. By default, two groups are always available: Everyone and Admins. If other User Groups have been created, they'll appear in this dropdown list.
  • Access Permissions - Next to the usernames you've added, or the User Groups selected, you'll want to set the type of access for each:
    • None - This option can act as a negator for permission settings. For example, if you provide access to the Admin user group, you can omit one or multiple of those Admins by entering their name in the Users field and selecting None for their access.
    • Read-Only - This option allows Users or User Groups to see the shared data but they do not have the ability to edit the item.
    • Full Control - This option allows Users or User Groups to fully edit the shared data.

As an example, here are the steps to set up domain calendar:

  1. Login as the domain administrator
  2. Click on the Domain Settings icon.
  3. When the Domain Settings menu loads, click on Shared Resources.
  4. Click the New Shared Resources button.
  5. Enter name of the Calendar you're creating.
  6. For Type, select Calendar to create a domain shared calendar. Otherwise, select Conference Room to allow for conference room scheduling.
  7. Next, you'll want to set up the Permissions for sharing the calendar or conference room with Users or User Groups for the domain.
  8. Once all settings have been added, click Save.
  9. Once saved, the domain calendar will be automatically mapped to all users and available for them to start using on any new calendar items they create.

User Groups

To create a User Group, click the New User Group button on the User Groups card. To edit an existing user group, simply click on the corresponding group name. A modal window will pop up with the following options:

  • Name - The friendly name of the user group. For example, "Sales Team".
  • User - The individual Users you want to add to the user group. Start typing the username and it will be displayed. Simply select it to add it to the User Group. Note: Alisases can not be added to a User Group.

Regardless of whether you're creating shared Calendars or Conference Rooms, or setting up User Groups, be sure to save your information after you've finished your edits.