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Activating SmarterMail

In order for SmarterMail to function as a licensed version of the product, as opposed to the Free Edition, which only allows for a single domain and 10 users, the product must be activated using a valid license key. In addition, if SmarterMail is moved to another server or if modifications are made to a license, the product many need to be reactivated.

To access the product activation wizard, you first need to log in as the System Administrator. Once logged in, you'll need to go to the Licensing area. Here, you'll see various cards that display the licensed products or add-ons you have access to, based on your licensed version.

To activate SmarterMail, look for the SmarterMail card and click on the Activate button. A modal window will open, and this is where you type -- or, if you're resourceful, paste -- your license key. Hit the Next button, and your installation will communicate with the SmarterTools' licensing servers. If all goes well, your license will successfully activate and the exact edition and licensing limits will be displayed. Note: Activation of a license key requires the server to contact SmarterTools over port 443 (HTTPS). Please ensure that any firewall or internet security software you have installed allows an outgoing TCP port 443 request.

Trials and License Modifications

In the licensing area of SmarterMail, all of the available add-ons are also listed. Most of these have free, 30-day trials avaialble. If you want to start a trial, this is where you do it. In addion, it's possible to initiate a purchase from the licensing area. Simply click the Purchase button, and the SmarterTools website will load in a new tab. From here, you can upgrade your license, purchase an add-on or even buy a new license of any SmarterTools product.