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This report tells you the number of connections which were allowed and delayed due to greylisting for all users of a domain (at the Domain Admininstrator level) or all domains on your server (at the System Administrator level). Clicking on individual domains, or individual users, will display a more detailed view of each. Note: Not all reports are available for users and/or domains. Consult your system or domain administrator for report availability.

The following report items are available:

  • Rank - The order in which users or domains are listed within the report.
  • Domain - For System Administrator, the specific domain on the server.
  • User - For Domain Admininstrators, the specific user on the domain.
  • Account Type - For Domain Administrators, the type of account the email address is associated with (user, Domain Administrator, or System Administrator).
  • Allowed Connections - The total number of messages that passed greylisting and were delivered to the mailbox.
  • Delayed Connections - The total number of messages that were delayed due to greylisting.
  • Total Connections - The total number of connections made to a particular server (i.e., SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc.)