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Troubleshooting an Email Account

SmarterMail now contains an easy method for the system administrator to troubleshoot email accounts. Using the user impersonation feature, the system administrator can quickly log into an account to change settings or diagnose problems with the user.

To impersonate a user, click the Manage icon and then click the Impersonate in the navigation pane. A modal window will display asking for the email address that you would like to impersonate. Clicking OK will open a new tab in which you will be impersonating the user. From there, you may edit user settings, content filters, or whatever other part of the account that needs to be changed. Closing the tab will end the impersonation. In addition, when managing/impersonating the domain, an Impersonate button is available within the Users grid for quick impersonation.

For instructions on troubleshooting domain settings, please see the topic Troubleshooting a Domain.