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Editing a Calendar Source

SmarterMail's powerful calendaring feature gives users the ability to use a single calendar for their own events and appointments, PLUS the ability to share their calendars with others or even map the calendars of others so that those events and appointments can be seen in one, singular interface. Having access to all of those calendars, and all of those appointments and events, can be somewhat tedious, unless you have a way of keeping them separated in your calendar view. That's where the ability to edit a calendar source comes in handy.

Each calendar you have access to is customizable. That means you can modify the color scheme for appointments in that calendar, modfiy the name of the calendar and more. To edit a calendar source, simply click on the calendar name. When you do, the Calendar modal will open.

There are a few options available for editing the calendar source:

  • Display Name - This is how you want the calendar to display in the Calendar Source view. A calendar that you've mapped will generally have a default name, like "Calendar on JSmith" or something similar. However, you can modify the name to whatever you like.
  • Color - Set to the side of the Display Name, this is the background color used for appointments and events created on that calendar. It's a good idea to have different colors set for each individual calendar you have so that you can easily distinguish between the events and the calendars those events belong to. You can select the color mode you want to use for entering a color code (e.g., #FBE83 HEX) or click on the color selector and choose a color.
  • Allow others to subscribe to this calendar - This setting allows you to share your calendar as an internet calendar with other users. Once shared, the calendar shows up in their calendar clients as a read-only version and will update periodically based on the client being used.
  • Webcal Shareable Link - When the above is selected, this is the URL you send to those whom you want to subscribe to the calendar.

There are a few options that appear in the editing modal that are displayed, but not editable. These include a Shared by, which is the display name or username for your particular user or the username of the person sharing their calendar with you, and the Access that's been granted to you for that calendar. For more information on the different types of access available, head over to the Sharing and Collaboration section of Help.

Sharing a Calendar

SmarterTools provides users with the ability to share primary and/or secondary calendar folders that they create. Sharing a calendar with another SmarterMail user, a User Group, or even those outside of SmarterMail is easy to do. To share a calendar, do the following:

  1. Log in to your SmarterMail mailbox and go to your calendars.
  2. Select the calendar you want to share. A modal window opens.
  3. Go to the Sharing tab.
  4. To share that calendar with another user of your domain, simply start typing their email address. SmarterMail's autocomplete will fill in names based on what is typed. You can simply select that user from the suggestions or fully type their address. It's also possible to share a calendar with a User Group.
  5. Next, select the type of access you want to grant to that user:
    • None - This is used, primarily, to exclude some member of a group when the group is granted another permission level.
    • Availability - This allows the person or group to view whether you're busy at a specific day/time.
    • Read-Only - This allows the person or group to view the full details of events on your calendar, but not interact with them.
    • Manage - This allows the person or group to fully manage your calendar, including adding appointments, changing appointments, etc.
    • Owner - Delegates ownership of the item to the person or group.
  6. You can add another user or, if done, simply save your changes.

Sharing Calendars Outside Your Domain

Along with sharing a calendar with other users on your domain, it's possible to share a calendar outside of SmarterMail. Customers can subscribe to a calendar and have it appear in their email client, webmail client, and even in services like Google calendar. To do this, you simply need a shareable link:

  1. Log in to your SmarterMail mailbox and go to your calendars.
  2. Select the calendar you want to share. A modal window opens.
  3. The Details tab should be highlighted. If not, select it.
  4. Enable Allow others to subscribe to this calendar. This will give you a "Webcal Shareable Link".
  5. Copy that link manually, or use the copy icon to the right of it, and send that to anyone outside of your domain. This will allow them to add your calendar as an internet calendar to their email client, calendar service, etc. NOTE for iCal: In order to share your calendar as an iCal link for services such as Google Calendar, simply change webcals:// to https:// prior to sending out the link. It will then work with any client/service that uses the iCal format.
Sharing a SmarterMail Calendar

Subscribing to an Internet/Web Calendar

Many organizations and services make their calendars available for public or private consumption. For example, you can subscribe to your favorite sports team's seasonal schedule, subscribe to a payroll calendar, subscribe to a holiday calendar and more.

To subscribe to a web or internet calendar, do the following:

  1. Log into SmarterMail and go to your calendars.
  2. Select Subscribe to Calendar from the Actions (⋮) dropdown menu.
  3. A modal window opens with the following options:
    • Display Name - This is the friendly name you want to give this calendar, such as "PTO Schedule" or "Suns Schedule".
    • Color - This is the background color used for appointments and events created on that calendar.
    • Calendar URL - This is the url provided to you by the calendar's owner. Generally, this URL will be formed using "webcal://" as the prefix.
    • Update Interval (minutes) - This is how often you want the calendar to update. By default, this is set to 60 minutes. For most things, the default interval will be perfectly fine.
  4. Once all the items are filled out, be sure to Save the subscription. The items from this calendar will show up on whichever calendar you've added the subscription to. In addition, when syncing this calendar to an email or calendar app, events on the subscribed calendar will also sync!

Creating New Calendars

SmarterMail allows users to create multiple personal calendars in order to better organize appointments. Along with being able to add as many calendars as needed, users can choose their own custom color for the calendars available, giving them the ability to identify the calendar for the appointment at a glance. Furthermore, users can sync their additional calendars to email and calendar clients and apps using EAS, MAPI/EWS, and CalDAV. All calendars can also be shared with others within the same organization as well.

When multiple personal calendars are created, users can even use a custom folder as the default for any new appointments. To do this, use the Default Folders card in Account Settings.

Follow the steps below to create additional personal calendars:

  1. Log into SmarterMail and go to your calendars.
  2. From the Calendars context menu at the bottom, left of the page, select New Folder. (All items within SmarterMail are grouped within "folders".)
  3. A modal window will appear. Here, you can edit the new calendar's details. 
  4. Enter the Display Name you want to use for the calendar. You can then set the color used for new appointments on the calendar.
  5. If you want, you can even set this new calendar as the "Default for new appointments". That means that any new appointments or events that are created would go onto this calendar versus the default Calendar. 
  6. If you want to share this calendar with other users or a User Group, you can do this by clicking the Sharing heading and then setting permissions as needed.
  7. Be sure to Save your changes.
  8. The new calendar will be displayed below any existing calendar sources in your list. If you need to edit the calendar -- for example, change its color -- simply click on its name and the details modal will open again.