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Notes Overview

SmarterMail's Notes feature provides users with the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes. Use notes to jot down questions, ideas, reminders or anything else you would write on note paper. This feature is especially convenient when used to save bits of information you may need later, such as directions or text you want to reuse in other items or documents.

To access your notes, click the Notes icon. By default, the Notes source is displayed. (Though there may not be any notes listed just yet.) If other notes sources are being shared with you, they will appear beneath Notes once they've been mapped. (see Mapped Resources for more information on sharing resources.) Making multiple notes sources visible will display all of the notes, from each source, together in the notes view. You can then view or hide notes sources to either limit or expand the number of notes you're viewing.

SmarterMail Notes

Navigating Your Notes

3 Bar Icon

At the top of the folders view you'll see the 3 Bar icon. This allows you to hide or show the tree view, which is extremely beneficial when viewing your inbox on smaller devices.

Notes Views

In general, the Notes page is divided into two sections:

  • The Notes view displays all of your Notes sources and any Categories that have been created. This includes "Notes", which are notes you add to SmarterMail, and any shared notes source.
  • Individual cards that represent every note you have displayed.

Viewing Notes

When you view your notes, each note you have created or that's being shared with you will be listed on a separate card. Each card lists the following information:

  • Subject - The note's descriptive title. E.g., "Shopping List" or "Motivational Sayings"
  • Description - The contents of the note. Using the HTML editor, a note's contents can include bold text, lists, different fonts or fonts with different colors, include pictures, links to websites or videos and more. You can be as creative as you like.
  • Source - This tells you where the note came from, or, in cases where notes are shared with others, where you want the note saved. E.g., Notes or "Marketing Notes".

In general, the following options are available when viewing all of your Notes:

  • New - Creates a new note.
  • Select - Allows you to select more than 1 note at a time. To select multiple notes, click Select and then click on one or more note cards. To exit Select mode, click the Select button again. To de-select a note, simply click on it again. Alternatively, click the down arrow and you're presented with the following options:
    • Select All - Selects all notes in the list you are viewing.
    • Deselect All - Deselects all the selected note(s).
    • Delete - Deletes the selected notes. NOTE: You can also use the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Sorting menu - Clicking the Sorting menu brings up the following options:
    • Date Modified - The date the note was created.
    • Color - The color category assigned to the note.
    • Subject - The name/title of the note.
    • Ascending - Sort order placing the items that are most active/recent/important first.
    • Descending - Sort order placing the items that are least active/recent/important first.
    • Category Filters - Allows you to select one or more categories when viewing notes. Also allows you to manage the categories used throughout SmarterMail.
  • Category Filters - This gives you an additional filter on your sort selection by allowing you to only display notes based on the category(-ies) that are assigned.