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Shared Objects Overview

This feature is only available in SmarterMail Enterprise edition.

One of the core features of SmarterMail is the ability to collaborate with others within your organization. Being able to share things like calendars and contacts means that members of your organziation can better work together in a team environment and makes sharing items much easier for employees and end users. For example, users can create calendars for their department, then share the calendar with everyone within the department so that important dates such as due dates, meetings and miletones on projects are available to everyone. The types of items that can be shared include:

  • Email Folders - parent folders as well as child (sub) folders
  • Calendars - primary and secondary
  • Contact Lists / Address Book - primary and secondary
  • Tasks - primary and secondary
  • Notes - primary and secondary

That leaves areas like Team Workspaces, News feeds and File Storage as the only areas without traditional sharing options. However, both Team Workspaces and File Storage are collaborative by their very nature. So, they can be "shared", just not the same way as contacts, tasks, etc.