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Sender Priority Overrides

This feature is only available in SmarterMail Enterprise.

Sender priority overrides allows the system administrator to assign priority levels to specific email addresses. For example, a company may want the mail server to send emails from its support team ( before sending emails to mailing lists.

To view the sender priority overrides, click the Settings icon. Then click on Routing and Sender Priority Overrides.

To create a new sender priority override, click New in the content pane toolbar. To Edit an existing entry, click on its card. To Delete an existing entry, click on the caret (∨) shown in the upper right corner of the card and click Delete. To delete multiple entries at once, click on the Select button to open the multi-select tool. When adding or editing an entry, the following settings will be available:

  • Email Address - The email address of the user or group.
  • Message Delivery Priority - The priority level assigned to this user's messages.
  • Description - A brief summary why the sender priority override was created.