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Creating New Events

To add a new event, click the settings icon. For user-level events, expand the Settings folder and click Events in the navigation pane. Then click New in the content pane toolbar. The new event settings will load in the content pane.

Saving Event Details

When you add a new event, event details are divided into two sections: options and actions.


Use this section to specify the following event options:

  • Event Name - The name of the event.
  • Event Category - The feature to which the event pertains (collaboration, email, security, etc.)
  • Event Type - Each category has several specific event types that can trigger the action.
  • Domain - The domain name the event was created for.
  • Time of Day - The time frame during which the event occurs.
  • Day of Week - The day(s) of the week during which the event occurs.
  • Enabled - Checkmark this selection to enable the event. This can be used to temporarily disable events.

Depending on the event category and type selected, different event action criteria will be available. For more information on the various event action criterions, see the corresponding event category page of the online help.


Use this section to specify the following event actions:

  • Action - The actions that occur when an event is triggered (or how the system notifies you).
  • Maximum Frequency - To specify how frequently the action is performed, select the appropriate option from the list.
  • Notification Profile - To specify which notification profile to use, select the appropriate option from the list.
  • From Address - The email address the system uses to send the event notification

Subject, Short Body, and Body will all be populated by the system using the variables listed. Additional fields may be available depending on the event category chosen.

Click the Save button in the actions popup window and then click Save in the content pane toolbar to save that event.