SmarterMail 10.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Chat History Search

This settings page is only available to domain administrators.

A major advantage of SmarterMail is that it stores all chats, regardless of whether the chats occur within the webmail interface, using a third-party client or a combination of both. Domain adminstrators have the ability to perform custom searches by date range, by the users involved in the chat conversations, by specific keywords or phrases used during a chat or a combination of all of these variables. Note: Chat history search is configured by the system administrator. For more information, see the Features area of the All Domains page of SmarterMail Help.

The options available when performing a chat history search are as follows:

  • Date Range - The date range you want to use for your search. You can either type in the date or click on the calendar icon and use SmarterMail's calendar control to select your start and end date.
  • From - The username or email address of the person who originated the chat.
  • To - The username or email address of the person who was the recipient of the chat.
  • Text - Any word or phrase that was used during a chat. For example, "2012 sales numbers" or "product ID 33489".