SmarterMail 10.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Advanced Search Overview

SmarterMail users can take advantage of the mail server's powerful search feature to search specific sections of their mailbox (everywhere, email, contacts, or calendars). Search results are then displayed by the type of result (email, contacts, or appointments), making it easy to find the information you are looking for.

To access the advanced search feature, click the advanced search icon.

For help understanding the different areas of the advanced search section, see the advanced search diagram.

Performing Advanced Searches

To select which section of the mailbox to search, click the search selector and select the appropriate option from the list. In general, users can search everywhere, their email, contacts, or calendars.

Then type the search criteria in the search bar located near the top of the navigation pane and click the Search button. SmarterMail will automatically search the for matches and display the results in the content pane. Note: Your search criteria may include letters and numbers. SmarterMail does not search for special characters such as "@," "#" or "%."

In general, the following options are available from the navigation pane toolbar:

  • New - Click this button and select the appropriate option to create a new message, contact, appointment, task, or note.
  • Reset - Clears the search box and any previous search results that may be displayed in the content pane.

In general, the following options are available from the content pane toolbar:

  • Open - Opens the selected email, contact, or appointment item.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected email, contact, or appointment item.

Note: Users can also narrow the search locations by specifying search criteria. For example, if a user performing a search of his email can click Add Criteria and select From to ensure SmarterMail only returns results that have the search text in the From field.