SmarterMail 13.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Connected Services

SmarterMail allows users to connect different services to their SmarterMail accounts to facilitate things like attaching links to shared files. The simplest example is connecting Google Drive to your mailbox so that you can share links to files stored in your Google Drive account.

To view your connected services, click the settings icon. Then expand the My Settings folder and click Connected Services in the navigation pane. A list of services that are connected to your mailbox will load in the content pane and the following options will be available in the content pane toolbar:

  • New - Creates a new trusted sender.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected trusted sender(s).

Connecting a Service

To connect a new service to your account, simply click the New button in the content pane toolbar. A new window will appear that lists those services currently available to users. Select the service you wish to connect, and follow the on-screen prompts offered by SmarterMail to complete the process.

Removing a Connected Service

To remove a connected service, or to simply reset the connection, select the service from the list on the page, and click the Delete button in the content pane toolbar.