SmarterMail 13.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Account Profile

The information contained in your account profile is publicly available to other users on the domain if the system adminstrator has enabled the Global Address List (GAL). Users can access your public contact information only by accessing the GAL through webmail or LDAP. Note: LDAP is a feature available to SmarterMail Enterprise users only.

Much of the information filled out in a user's Account Profile is also available as a variable that can be used when Domain Administrators create domain level signatures.

To view or edit your acount profile, click the settings icon. Then expand the My Settings folder and click Account Profile in the navigation pane. Your contact details will load in the content pane.

Note: When changing your profile picture, while it will update automatically in the webmail interface, updated pictures won't update in any third-party chat clients like Adium or Pidgin until you actually log into the chat client and force a status change. That means that, when using the Web-based chat client in SmarterMail, users in third-party clients may not see your updated picture.

In general, contact details are divided into four sections:

  • Personal Info - Your display name, title, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, email address, instant messenger, home page, and date of birth.
  • Contact Info - Your home phone number, work phone number, mobile phone number, pager number, home and work fax numbers, and home address.
  • Work Info - Your company name, job title, department, office, work address, and website URL.
  • Additional Info - Type any additional details about yourself.