SmarterMail 14.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Activating SmarterMail

In order for SmarterMail to function for more than a single domain and 10 users, the product must be activated using a valid license key. In addition, if SmarterMail is moved to another server or assigned to a different database, the product many need to be reactivated.

To access the product activation wizard, click the settings icon. Then expand the Activation folder and click Licensing in the navigation pane. The edition and license level information for the version of SmarterMail currently being used will load in the content pane.

To activate or reactivate a valid license key, click Activate in the content pane toolbar. For step-by-step activation instructions, please refer to the KB article How To Activate SmarterMail. Note: Activation of a license key requires the server to contact SmarterTools over port 443 (HTTPS). Please ensure that any firewall or internet security software you have installed allows an outgoing TCP port 443 request.