SmarterMail 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Create a New Message

There are several ways to compose a new message in SmarterMail. The most common method is to click New Message in the left tree view. This will open a new message window and the following options will be available in the actions toolbar:

  • Send - Sends your message to the designated recipients.
  • Save as Draft - Saves the message in its current state to the Drafts folder. If you do not have a Drafts folder, one will be created automatically the first time you choose this option. You will then be able to go back to your Drafts folder and continue composing this email.
  • Cancel - Cancels the message and closes the new message window.


Use this tab to specify the recipients, message subject, and to write the email message.

  • To - Type the email addresses to which the message will be sent. Separate multiple contacts with a semicolon (;). Note: Click To to select email addresses from your address book. SmarterMail Enterprise users can change the list source to select email addresses from the Global Address List.
  • Cc - Type the email addresses of recipients that should recieve a carbon copy of the message.
  • Bcc - Type the email addresses of recipients that should recieve a blind carbon copy of the message. Note: Emails listed in this field will be concealed from the complete list of recipients. For this reason, tt is common practice to use the Bcc: field when addressing a very long list of recipients or a list of recipients that should not (necessarily) know each other.
  • Subject - The subject of the email.

Note: When entering addresses into the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, SmarterMail will auto-complete addresses by referencing your contacts list or the Global Address List.


Use this tab to add attachments to the email. Note: You must click Upload to attach the file. It is also important to remember that many email systems limit attachment size.


Use this tab to specify the importance of the message or to request a read receipt. By default, messages have a normal level of importance.


Use this tab to preview the message in HTML format.