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Domain Events

This settings page is only available to domain administrators and system administrators with the proper permissions.

The Event system in SmarterMail is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool that allows domain administrators to automatically perform actions based on specific criteria and remain up-to-date with what is going on with the SmarterMail server and user accounts. SmarterMail can detect events as they occur, generate messages for those events, and deliver the messages to users that need the information. For example, domain administrators can automatically add an additional recipient on messages sent or received by users on the or receive notifications when a task is due or their domain disk space has met a certain threshold.

When creating a new event for a domain, the following options will be available:


  • Event Name - The friendly name of the event.
  • Event Status - New events default to a status of Enabled. However, to temporarily stop an event from triggering, you can change the status to Disabled.
  • Event Category - The feature to which the event pertains: User, Mailing List, Alias, Throttling, Email or Collaboration.
  • Event Type - The occurence that triggers the event. Each category has several specific event types that can trigger the action.


Each event type has its own corresponding conditions. The global conditions that are seen across all event types are listed below.

  • Time of Day - The time frame during which the event occurs.
  • Day of Week - The day(s) of the week during which the event occurs.


Each event type has its own corresponding actions. The global actions that are seen across all event types are listed below.

  • Show a notification - This option will display a notification to the Notifications window. It can also send a popup browser notification.
  • Send an email - This option will send an email to the specified address.

A Practical Example: Receive an Email When a New There's a New Subscriber to a Mailing List

This practical example of setting up an Event is the result of an old knowledge base article we had. It details how to set up an event that sends an email to the list moderator when a new person subscribes to that List Moderator's mailing list. As an aside, while this is an example of setting the Event up as a domain administrator, the process for setting it up as the list moderator is very similar.

  1. Log into SmarterMail as the domain administrator.
  2. Go to the Events area. A list of existing events will load.
  3. Click the New button.
  4. On the General card, do the following:.
    • In the Event Name field, type a descriptive friendly name for the event.
    • In the Event Status drop down, select Enabled.
    • In the Event Category field, select Mailing.
    • In the Event Type field, select Mailing List Subscribe.
  5. On the Conditions card, a new Condition is possibly already there. This is perfectly fine. However, since we want to be notified when a new person subscribes to a specific mailing list, you'll want to click the New Condition button. Then do the following
    • On the Condition modal, select Mailing List Address from the dropdown, then enter the full address for the list. (E.g.,
    • Click the Save button to add the new Condition.
  6. On the Actions (…) card, click the New Action button. Then do the following:
    • On the Actions (…) modal, select Send and email from the dropdown.
    • The modal will change, allowing you to select your Frequency, From Address, To Address, Subject, etc. then add the email contents that will be sent. Your To Address should be the List Administrator. You can leave the email's content the default that's filled out or edit it how you see fit.
    • Click the Save button.
  7. Your new Event is pretty much finished. Just click the Save button to actually save the Event so that it can run.