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eM Client

This settings page is only available to domain administrators.

SmarterTools' groundbreaking partnership with eM Client gives SmarterMail users access to one of the most powerful and fully customizable email clients around. eM client offers an ideal replacement for Microsoft Outlook and is available for both Windows and MacOS. It gives users the features they need, and the functionality they expect, including calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, instant messaging integration, sharing and collaboration, delegation, automated account configuration, and more!

Thanks to our partnership, domain administrators can receive a complimentary eM Client Business Pro license that comes with 3 device activations. In addition, if more device activations are needed, they can be purchased directly from eM Client at a 25% discount! Activations can be handed out to any users of the qualifying domain and are tracked and managed right from within SmarterMail.

The way eM Client's licensing works is each organization receives one license key, but a single key can have multiple devices activated. For example, one key can have 10 devices attached to it. Activations can be added at any time, and each activation acquired receives the 25% discount from eM Client.


There are a few things that need to be set up properly in order to take advantage of this partnership. These include:

  • You need to have a licensed version of SmarterMail installed. (Free Editions and trials are not eligible.)
  • Your installation should be able to access our activation servers.
  • Port 443 should be open to the public. (A requirement for the above.)
  • Domains must be active and able to send and receive email.
  • Only top-level domains are eligible due to eM Client's licensing.

This page will walk through acquiring the eM Client license, then how to manage activations once they've been handed out to users.

NOTE: eM Client licenses are only available for top-level domains. Third-level ( or subdomains are not eligible.

Domain Verification

In order to receive an eM Client license, the domain first needs to be verified by SmarterTools. To verify the domain, do the following:

  1. Login as a domain admnistrator and go to Domain Settings
  2. Select eM Client from the tree menu.
  3. In the content pane, click the Request Code button on the Verify Domain card.

In the background, SmarterTools will generate a verification code that's sent to the email address of the domain administrator walking through the eM Client licensing process. This ensures that the domain is set up properly and is able to receive email from an external sender, which is a requirement because the license key is sent directly from eM Client.

  1. Go to the domain administrator's inbox and look for the verification email. It will come from "".
  2. Copy the verification code. (NOTE: Codes can only be used ONCE, and they expire in 4 hours.)
  3. Return to the eM Client Licenses page and paste/type in the code.
  4. Click the Verify Code button.

Domain verification is complete when the page refreshes and you see a new page with a short form to fill out.

License Ownership

Once the domain is verified, some basic information about the organization requesting the license is required in order to get the license key from eM Client. It's important to note that the eM Client license should be associated to a business rather than an individual. While the domain administrator can be the one to request the license, a shared organizational email address (e.g., or a management address should probably be used for the account that's created in eM Client's License Manager. This ensures that any issues with the license can be handled by any domain administrator rather than a single individual. The information requested includes:

  • Organization Name* - The name of the company, business, or individual who will own the license key.
  • Full Name - The full name of the organizational contact.
  • Owner email address* - The email address for the organization that will be associated with the key.
  • Confirm owner email address*
  • Country - The local of the organization.
  • Privacy policy links and confirmation - We take great care in selecting our partners. However, it is still a good idea to read and understand the privacy, cookie, and data protection policies of any company you do business with.

Only "Organization Name" and "Owner email address" are required. Once the information is filled out, click the Submit button.

Getting a License Key

Clicking "Submit" sends the information to eM Client and then the eM Client license key is returned. The page will reload and information about the key is displayed on the page for the domain administrator. This information includes:

  1. The Activation Key itself and the number of device activations in use versus available devices. The key can be passed out to the users you want to activate eM Client. There is a handy "copy to clipboard" icon as well. Initially, you will see (0 of 3 Devices), but that will increment as people start using the key you pass out, and as you add device activations.
  2. The "Support" date shows when eM Client's complimentary "VIP support" will expire. eM Client Pro users are provided with 12 months of "VIP Support" directly from eM Client. At the end of the 12 months, VIP Support can be renewed as needed.
  3. "Version" information gives you the major version that's associated to the key. All minor updates to eM Client Pro users are available for free. Once a new major version is released, the license owner can purchase the upgrade to that major version, if they're so inclined.

In addition, a new email is sent to the domain administrator walking through the eM Client process AND to the address input for the "Owner email address". This email details how to access eM Client's License Manager.

Managing Activations

Once the domain administrator receives the license key, it can be distributed to users of the domain. Users will need to download eM Client for their particular platform, either Windows or MacOS. (Currently, eM Client is BETA testing mobile versions for Android and iOS.)

Once the first license is activated, it will appear on this page. Information about the activation is also displayed. The information includes:

  • Account - The email address of the user who activated the license. This will be the account that's listed first in eM Client. Therefore, if multiple accounts are set up, this would be the one that appears at the top of the list of accounts in eM Client's Settings. NOTE: if N/A is displayed, this means the license was activated in an eM Client installation, but an account was set up WITHOUT email. For example, a user set up their account to only use chat (XMPP) or set it up using EWS or WebDAV and only set up calendars, contacts, or a both. In order for an email account to be listed it must be set up for email.
  • Activated - The date and time the account was activated in eM Client.
  • Last IP - The IP address used to activate the account.
  • Last Version - The version of eM Client being used by that account.
  • Activation State - Whether the account is Active or Inactive, meaning whether the account is using an eM Client activation or not.

Domain administrators also have the ability to activate or deactivate Accounts from this page. Simply select an account and use the Actions menu to perform the necessary action. It's also possible to use the right-click context menu on an account. (Deactivating licenses can take up to 24 hours based on how eM Client's licensing system processes license requests.)

Purchasing Additional Device Activations

As mentioned, additional device activations can be purchased directly from eM Client at a 25% discount. To purchase additional activations simply click the Purchase button at the top of the eM Client Licenses page. Clicking that will take a domain administrator to a landing page on eM Client's website where additional device activations can be purchases. The activations are automatically discounted and added to the license key assigned to the domain. (As an added benefit, eM Client already discounts additional device activations, and the 25% discount available to SmarterMail users is ADDED to that discount!)

Once a purchase is complete, confirmations are sent to the Organizational email. Simply refreshing the page will display a new (X of Y Activations) line, showing the increase in available device activations, next to the Activation Key on the eM Client Licenses page.