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Allowed Posters

This settings page is only available to domain administrators, mailing list moderators and system administrators with the proper permissions.

List moderators, domain administrators and system administrators (with the proper Manage Domains permissions) can restrict the posting privileges for a mailing list to Anyone, Subscribers Only or Moderators Only. In addition, they can use the Posters section to specify additional list subscribers who can post messages to the list -- these special subscribers are considered "Whitelisted" as they've been given special permission to post messages, in addition to, say, Moderators Only.

To add additional posters to a mailing list, use the Allowed Posters tab.

Using the New button, enter the email address(es) of the people who can post messages to the mailing list. Be sure to save your changes.

Uploading/Downloading Subscribers

In addition to manually adding new subscribers, it's possible to upload a text file that contains subscriber emails and any Custom Fields assigned to your subscribers. Text files should be in Comma Separated Value (.CSV) format.

Of course, since you can upload a subscriber list, you can also download one. This is especially convenient if the subscribers for one list -- or a subset of those subscribers -- is interested in another list you start up. Downloading your list subscribers, then editing it if needed, makes it simple to add subscribers to a new list.

Banned Posters

It's also possible to keep a list of users who are banned from posting to your mailing list. You can manually add email addresses to this list, as well as import subscribers. You can also download a banned posters list to use in other mailing lists you administer.