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SmarterMail User Interface

To better understand the different areas of the user interface, please refer to the diagrams below.


The navigation bar is where you navigate through the various pages of the webmail client. From left to right, they are:

SmarterMail Navigation Icons
  • Email
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • More
    • Notes
    • Online Meetings
    • News Feeds
    • File Storage
    • Reports
    • Settings
    • Domain Reports (Domain Administrators only)
    • Domain Settings (Domain Administrators only)

To the far right (not shown), the following is available:

  • Advanced Search
  • Live Chat
  • Notifications
  • Switch Theme
  • User Icon/Dropdown

The New button is slightly unique: it enables webmail client users the ability to quickly create new messages, new appointments, new contacts, etc.

Folders List

The Folders list is used throughout SmarterMail and lists the various folders containing information pertaining to the section you're in. For example, when in Email, it lists all your default, custom and shared folders. In Calendars, it lists your default calendar as well as any secondary calendars that were created as well as shared calendars.

SmarterMail Navigation Pane

Content Pane

The Content Pane is also used throughout SmarterMail and is where messages, contacts, reports, pages, etc. are presented to users.

SmarterMail Content Pane

Message List

When viewing your Inbox or any other folder in the Email section of SmarterMail, this is where all of the messages residing within the folder you're viewing are displayed.

SmarterMail Message List

Interaction Buttons

Each section of SmarterMail has a number of buttons that can be used to interact with items within that section. Reply, Delete, Mark, Actions (⋮), etc. are available The buttons available are based on the section you're viewing.