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User Disk Usage Report

This report provides a user with an understanding of their overall disk space usage. Each folder the user has is listed along with file storage, showing a user their usage based on the type of item being looked at. A chart is also provided for a visual understanding of overall usage. As this is an overview of their usage, it's not possible to view any trend over time.

The following report items are available, and each column is sortable -- ascending or descending -- simply by clicking on the report item's header:

  • Folder - The name of the "folder" being returned. This includes default folders and custom folders, as well as folders created in File Storage and online meetings. As an aside, embedded folders are listed as Parent/Child. So, if you have a parent folder called "Sales" that has a "Bids" sub-folder, it would show up as Sales/Bids.
  • Type - The type of folder: either Mail or File Storage.
  • Percent of Total - The percentage of the overall total that is being used by that folder.
  • Disk Usage - The total disk space being used for that folder, in either KB or MB.