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User Reports Dashboard

In the Reports area, the Overview report is essentially a dashboard that gives users a quick update of certain aspects of their account. This includes point-in-time updates on their incoming and outgoing messages, a breakdown of overall disk usage, and spam counts and viruses caught.

User Reports Overview

Each card on the dashboard displays:

  • Disk Usage - The overall disk space being used, which includes message data as well as file storage and Team Workspace storage. The “top” folders are listed as well. If a user is set to "unlimited" disk space, the circle chart displays how the disk space is being used. For users with a disk space limit, the chart will also show how much "free" disk space is available.
  • Inbound Messages - The total number of messages received by the user in the given period. This includes message received from trusted senders, messages delivered via standard delivery and messages marked as spam.
  • Oubound Messages - The total number of messages sent by the user in the given period, including a separate item for outgoing messages that were blocked as spam.
  • Inbound Spam - The total number of messages marked as spam, with a breakdown of the 3 spam levels: High, Medium and Low.
  • Viruses Caught - The total number of viruses caught and quarantined by SmarterMail for the given period.