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Logging in to SmarterMail

The system administrator login is a bit unique, especially in comparison to user logins, or even domain administrator logins.

First off, there's no mail folders, calendars, or other "email features" associated to a system administrator. You're purely managing the SmarterMail installation -- adding domains, managing antispam and antivirus, setting up gateways, etc. A domain administrator account is, by and large, just another user of SmarterMail. The difference is they have some management of the domain and its users. System administrators, however, manage everything on the server, so they're not a standard user of SmarterMail. (Though they can be, they'll just need an actual user account set up on a domain.)

Secondly, the system administrator login can be used with any domain or IP address set up within SmarterMail. Simply navigate to any configured domain, such as, and type in your credentials. It's also possible to login using the hostname set up for the server itself, via an IP address configured for a domain, or via localhost using port 9998. No matter how you choose to log in, you're presented with all the tools necessary for properly managing a SmarterMail server.